So you’ve struggled with jigsaw puzzles in the past and you’re wondering why my puzzles will be any different.

The short answer is because Bri can do them.  Every puzzle sold here is one I put together myself.  And that’s something I’ve never been able to do until I found I’d been trying the wrong kind of puzzle.  That discovery is what led to Life in Bits Media.  I knew there had to be others like me out there and I wanted to help them enjoy puzzling too.

A puzzle with a simple image and just 300 pieces like the ones sold here is one where the pieces can easily be divided into four or five groups by color.  They can further be divided within each group by shape – the number of tabs and notches each piece has.

Once you’ve done that, if you can simply spot the piece you need, great!  But, if you can’t, you can find it with a simple process of elimination.

You can tell by surrounding pieces of the puzzle what color is needed and often whether a tab or notch is needed on two or three sides.  That will narrow it down to just a few possibilities and Viola!  You’re enjoying the satisfaction of adding that last piece to the puzzle!

If you or someone you know have always struggled with puzzles or never been able to complete one, here is your chance for some satisfaction for yourself or another you’d like to bring some joy to.



Dakota & Cinnamon

Peanut & Carson