To give you an idea what goes into making puzzles that are easy to put together, take the Dakota & Cinnamon puzzle as an example.

For that puzzle, Futureal Photography conducted two photo shoots during which nearly 500 photos were taken.

Pictures were taken of the two canines on the futon seen in the finished puzzle, on a bed and in front of several different backdrops.  And, that was all done with two dogs that were moving all the time.

Why so many photos and different settings?  That’s what it takes to come up with an image that is both attractive and can easily be divided into four or five groups of pieces by color.  I’m very picky about getting that just right.

Even with all that effort, it is still a learning process.  Dakota & Cinnamon is the first puzzle made at Life in Bits Media.  I can put that one together easily enough.

The second puzzle made, the Peanut & Carson puzzle, I can put together even faster.  That one lends itself to grouping pieces a little more evenly.

That’s why there are just two puzzles here so far and it takes months to produce each one.  It is a lot of very detailed work that takes time.

Now I’m working with Futureal Photography to try images that divide fairly evenly into more groups of pieces by color.  The thinking there is that while there will be more groups, each one will have fewer pieces to work with making the process of elimination faster.

Seems like good theory.  But, the proof will be in the testing and the first test puzzle is due to arrive next week.

I will keep you posted on how that goes.