It has been about a month since I posted here.  There has been plenty going on behind the scenes.  This website has been moved to a new host after experiencing performance issues with the previous host.  This new host is a local company and one of my goals has been supporting local business.  So, that has worked out well.

While moving to a new host, I also added an SSL certificate to make the entire site a secure https site.

The manufacturer I had been using to make puzzles went out of business, referred me to another puzzle manufacturer who decided it wasn’t their cup of tea who referred me to another puzzle manufacturer who only makes random cut puzzles which are too hard to put together to be puzzles anyone can do.  So, no go there either.  My search for a new manufacturer continues.

While I’m hold here for new puzzles until I’ve found the right manufacturer, I’m going to take the opportunity to re-design the website.  You may see parts of it under construction in the near future.

That’s all for now.