LIFE IN BITS MEDIA - The Low Vision Puzzle Store

Puzzles for All Ages

Finally! A puzzle store for low vision! Others with low vision have enjoyed doing these puzzle. Free shipping

LIFE IN BITS MEDIA - The Low Vision Puzzle Store

Puzzles for All Ages

If you don’t think you can do jigsaw puzzles or have struggled with them in the past, these charming, simple jigsaw puzzles here have been made for you.

About Us

Carefully Selected and Crafted

The subject for each Life in Bits Media jigsaw puzzle is carefully selected and captured for simple sorting of the large pieces by color and shape for easier puzzling for those with low vision.

All Life in Bits Media jigsaw puzzles are made in the USA from recycled material.  Many include a mini poster to guide you in putting the puzzle together. Enjoy the satisfaction of putting that last piece in the puzzle! Life in Bits Media features the adorable Dakota & Cinnamon puzzle and the charming Peanut & Carson puzzle for dog and cat lovers.  For those who enjoy a scenic landscape, the new Green Mountains puzzle presents a stunning view from the Adirondacks.

What Drives Us

Our Difference

Life in Bits Media is a Lincoln, Nebraska business that produces jigsaw puzzles for people with low vision. All of our puzzles are large format 18 inch by 24 inch 250 or 300 pieces. The pieces are oversize making them ideal for low vision puzzlers.

The driving force behind this business is a passion to get these puzzles into the hands of those with low vison so they can enjoy puzzling and the satisfaction of putting that last piece in the puzzle.

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A Satisfied Customer

From a Green Mountains puzzle review. "This puzzle is amazing, I gave this to my 99 year old grandmother and it may have taken her a little longer to do since her vision is poor, but what a difference it made for her, she was busy with this and loved every minute of...

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Free Shipping on All Orders

The hits keep coming at Life in Bits Media.  Free shipping on all orders begins now right after the 70% off site wide sale comes to a close.

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70% Off Site Wide Sales Ends April 1st

The 70% off site wide sale ends April 1st.  Don't miss out.  Order now. Loved one with low vision can't puzzle?  The puzzles here are made for those who struggle with other puzzles due to low vision, arthritis, Alzheimer's or whatever reason.  Give one a try.

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