Dakota & Cinnamon 18 X 24 300 piece jigsaw puzzle

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A Life in Bits Media puzzle has brought joy to a 99 year old great grandmother with low vision who thought her days of puzzling were over.  Give yourself or a loved one that same joy.  I have poor vision myself. Every puzzle I sell is one I can put together myself.  I really want to bring puzzling to those with low vision.  Please spread the word.  Free shipping – Brian Covault, Life in Bits Media.


The two lovable dogs featured make Dakota & Cinnamon a great jigsaw puzzle for dog lovers and animal lovers with low vision. The pieces are firm, finely cut and fit together well. Dakota (left) is a fawn, Mastiff-Pit Bull. Cinnamon is a brindle, Pitt Bull-Shepherd. Both are rescue dogs owned by a pet lover who has had many rescue dogs throughout her life.

Puzzle photography by Futureal Photography at http://www.futurealphotography.com/


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Life in Bits Media makes simple jigsaw puzzles for those needing a puzzle that is designed for low vision puzzlers.

All Life in Bits Media jigsaw puzzles feature large, traditional cut pieces and images for simple piece sorting by shape and color so those with low vision can experience the joy of putting that last piece in the puzzle!

Life in Bits Media features the adorable Dakota & Cinnamon puzzle and the charming Peanut & Carson puzzle for dog and cat lovers.  For those who enjoy a scenic landscape, the Green Mountains puzzle presents a stunning view from the Adirondacks.

Life in Bits Media – the low vision puzzle store.

2 reviews for Dakota & Cinnamon 18 X 24 300 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. Lisa Moriarty

    This puzzle was easy and fun! Something the whole family can enjoy. ???

  2. Jodi

    Great picture! Had fun with this one! Will buy again.

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