Green Mountains 18 X 24 250 piece jigsaw puzzle

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With lush foliage and large rocks in the foreground, majestic green mountains and sky in the background and rippling water in between, Green Mountains captures the beauty of the Adirondacks.    This is a scenic puzzle anyone can do from children to seniors and those with poor vision.

Features pieces an inch and a half across in size to make assembly easier.

High quality 18 X 24 prints of this puzzle are now available under the Prints menu option.

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Puzzle photography by Futureal Photography at


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7 reviews for Green Mountains 18 X 24 250 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. Tom M.

    I have to say this is a very beautiful looking puzzle! A perfect splash of green to work on during these cold and gray winter months!

  2. Laurie W.

    What a great gift idea for someone with low vision or arthritic hands. The mountain photography is absolutely amazing!

  3. Jackie Fosler

    This puzzle is amazing, I gave this to my 99 year old grandmother and it may have taken her a little longer to do since her vision is poor, but what a difference it made for her, she was busy with this and loved every minute of it. Thank you Brian

  4. Jodi

    Beautiful picture! Very easy to put together.

  5. Rita (verified owner)

    The delivery was quick. The puzzle arrived exactly as described. My mom who is 101 is enjoying putting it together.

  6. Carol Funk

    Haven’t worked this puzzle, looking for bright colors in puzzle.

    • Brian Covault

      Are you looking for bright colors for color blindness? I ask because I’ve had this request before on the Life in Bits Media Facebook page and am looking into this for future puzzles. Thanks for looking at the puzzles here. Brian Covault, Owner / CEO, Life in Bits Media

  7. Christine Lehmann

    I am 74 and love jigsaw puzzles. I am looking forward to assembling this puzzle. I hope you produce a larger selection.

    • Brian Covault

      Hi Christine!

      I hope you enjoy the puzzle. I plan to make more puzzles.

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