Peanut & Carson 18 X 24 300 piece jigsaw puzzle

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The two lovable pets featured make Peanut & Carson a great puzzle any pet lover can do from children to seniors and those with poor vision. The pieces are firm, finely cut and fit together well.  Peanut (left) is a black, domestic Shorhair-Bombay cat who thinks he is a dog. Carson is a very active white, Maltese-Shitzu

Features pieces over an inch across in size and several different arrangements of tabs and notches to make assembly easier.

High quality 18 X 24 prints of this puzzle are now available under the Prints menu option.

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Puzzle photography by Futureal Photography at


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2 reviews for Peanut & Carson 18 X 24 300 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. Lisa Moriarty

    Peanut and Carson are so cute together! This puzzle is the perfect size to do on a card table, as you can manage all the pieces. Also, the puzzle pieces were easy to handle. A good value!

  2. Robert

    The Peanut and Carson puzzle was fun to put together, and the two of them are truly adorable together! I highly recommend this puzzle to both puzzle lovers and people who love pics of furry friends!

    Also, I got my puzzle a few days after ordering!!! Quick shipping and delivery!

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