Waterfall 18 X 24 550 piece jigsaw puzzle

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NEW!  This puzzle is a beauty, our best yet!  Cash in on the savings and order yours now.  Great puzzle for a family activity.

The splash of a beautiful waterfall below a gorgeous archway deep in the Adirondacks makes Waterfall a stunning jigsaw puzzle.  This 18 X 24 550 piece puzzle is NOT as easy as the other puzzles on this site.  Enjoy hours of puzzling with this amazing puzzle.


“Very challenging….beautiful photography. Arrived quickly and would recommend this company.” – Elaine


“Worth every penny!” – A satisfied customer


High quality 18 X 24 prints of this puzzle are available under the Prints menu option.

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Puzzle photography by Futureal Photography at http://www.futurealphotography.com/


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NEW!  The stunning Waterfall puzzle is available now!  This is our first puzzle for all puzzlers, not just those needing a puzzle that is easy to do.  This beautiful puzzle is not so easy.  Find it under the Puzzles menu.

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6 reviews for Waterfall 18 X 24 550 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. Melinda

    Five star. Have a catalog

    • Brian Covault

      Hi, Melinda! No catalog. If you go to the Home page, all of our products are listed there.

  2. darren ddd papa 23

    rating hi five

  3. Lisa Moriarty

    This puzzle is super fun, yet difficult. It took my son and I several days to finish it and he’s good at puzzles!


  4. Elaine

    Very challenging….beautiful photography. Arrived quickly and would recommend this company.

  5. Kay Wall

    Haven’t reviewed the website yet

  6. Diane (verified owner)

    great quality, just challenging enough, can’t beat the price!

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