Waterfall 18 X 24 550 piece jigsaw puzzle

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Waterfall 18 X 24 550 piece puzzle

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The splash of a beautiful waterfall below a gorgeous archway in Watkins Glen State Park, New York makes Waterfall a stunning jigsaw puzzle.  This 18 X 24 550 piece puzzle is NOT as easy as the other puzzles on this site.  Enjoy hours of puzzling with this amazing puzzle.


"Very challenging….beautiful photography. Arrived quickly and would recommend this company." - Elaine


"Worth every penny!" - A satisfied customer

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Puzzle photography by Futureal Photography at http://www.futurealphotography.com/

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3 in

18 reviews for Waterfall 18 X 24 550 piece jigsaw puzzle

  1. Melinda

    Five star. Have a catalog

    • Brian Covault

      Hi, Melinda! No catalog. If you go to the Home page, all of our products are listed there.

  2. darren ddd papa 23

    rating hi five

  3. Lisa Moriarty

    This puzzle is super fun, yet difficult. It took my son and I several days to finish it and he’s good at puzzles!


  4. Elaine

    Very challenging….beautiful photography. Arrived quickly and would recommend this company.

  5. Kay Wall

    Haven’t reviewed the website yet

  6. Diane (verified owner)

    great quality, just challenging enough, can’t beat the price!

  7. Ninny (verified owner)

    Received my puzzle in a timely manner. Am working on it now. Very challenging. But isn’t that what puzzles for. Going to the web site to see if I want to order another one, but, only if made in the U S A like this one.

    • Brian Covault

      Thank you for your business! All Life in Bits Media puzzles are 100% made in the USA.

  8. Lucille Jones

    Love this puzzle. A bit of a challengei, but love the excitement of finding a piece that fits.

  9. Ann (verified owner)

    Very challenging puzzle. My husband and I enjoyed doing it. Hope you add more 500+ piece nature puzzles later.

  10. Robin

    We loved this puzzle. Kids (ages 28 and 30) loved it too. Challenging, fun, and a beautiful photograph. Please make more 550 – 1000 piece puzzles! I’ll be first in line

  11. Liz

    I’m sure the puzzle is fine. .I just want to see more of what you have to offer.

    • Brian Covault

      More puzzles are planned. A puzzle featuring a colorful flower arrangement is coming soon. Production has been halted for some time now by COVID-19 and we are just getting production started again.

      Thank you for your interest in Life in Bits Media jigsaw puzzles!

  12. Lois Zarra

    Looking forward to getting the new Floral puzzle.when it comes in.

  13. Richard

    Great service and product love puzzle

  14. Rose M.

    Would like to do one. I like 1000 pc. Puzzles Floral sounds good

    • Brian Covault

      Rose, the plan is to offer 1,000 piece puzzles after more 550 piece puzzles have been produced and are available here. The intention was to have several more puzzles added this year but COVID-19 has completely halted production. Hoping to start production again next month. Thank you for your interest in Life in Bits Media puzzles!

  15. RitaGosche

    Looks like great puzzles

  16. RitaGosche

    Excited to see new ones

  17. RitaGosche

    Great looking puzzles

  18. Mary Carlson

    Am happy to stumble across your website! I live in a senior complex and several of us are avid jigsaw puzzle fans. I’ll spread the word and will watch for more puzzles as you advertise them.

    • Brian Covault

      Mary, thank you for the kind words. All the best to you! Brian Covault, Owner / CEO, Life in Bits Media

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